Urban Outfitters links contact center staffing to customer needs

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Urban Outfitters is combining customer engagement and workforce data to maximized the effectiveness of contact center operations. 

The specialty retailer is deploying a new cloud platform that integrates Verint workforce management software with 8x8 contact-center-as-a-service technology. Through tight synchronization of historical and real-time interaction data and agent information from 8x8 with Verint workforce management data, Urban Outfitters seeks to optimize customer engagement operations by making it easier to plan, forecast, and schedule contact center agent workloads. 

Urban Outfitters has been able to deploy the joint cloud-based solution out of the box, without the need for professional services. The solution integrates Verint’s business communications, collaboration, customer and workforce engagement, omnichannel routing and analytics capabilities with insights from 8x8’s real-time business analytics and intelligence.

“As a retail organization, we rely heavily on accurate real-time data,” said Martin Sessa, director, global infrastructure & operations at Urban Outfitters Inc., a leading lifestyle products and services company which “With 8x8 and Verint now integrated, Urban Outfitters' IT team can continue to provide to our contact center management team the best experience to manage employees and the intra-day information that results in the highest quality customer experience.”

Urban Outfitters operates a portfolio of global brands comprised of the Anthropologie, BHLDN, Free People, FP Movement, Terrain, Urban Outfitters, Nuuly, and Menus & Venues banners.