Trending Stores

  • Owen, New York City

    This new concept makes its retail debut with a unusual store design that has created lots of buzz. The central element of the 1,800-sq.-ft. boutique is a continuous surface made from 25,000 stacked paper bags‹that arches from floor to ceiling. Creating a warm atmosphere, the honeycomb-like structure contrasts with the existing industrial brick and concrete space. All clothing, accessories and jewelry are displayed on quartz slab tables, blackened steel hang bars and steel and glass vitrines.

  • Aldo, Hong Kong

    Footwear and accessories company Aldo puts its best foot forward at its new concept store in IFC Mall, Hong Kong. The format complements the luxurious aesthetic of the center while maintaining the chain’s roots with its fashion-forward and youthful ambience. 

  • Reitmans, Montreal, Canada

    Canadian specialty apparel retailer Reitmans broadens its appeal with a new store environment designed to appeal to a younger and more fashion-focused shopper while also engaging the existing customer base. Bright, crisp, clean and confident, the new design (by Dalzel and Pow, London) brings a fresh, modern feel to the brand.

  • Neiman Marcus, Walnut Creek, Calif.

    Neiman Marcus took full advantage of its Northern California locale in the design of its store in Walnut Creek, Calif. The interior finishes and materials draw from the rich colors of the surrounding landscape, and the space takes advantage of the famed California sunshine. The two-level store—the 42nd Neiman Marcus store to date—offers a fresh take on modern luxury shopping in a smaller format for the upscale retailer, featuring 85.870 sq. ft. of selling space. 

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