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Reitmans, Montreal, Canada


Canadian specialty apparel retailer Reitmans broadens its appeal with a new store environment designed to appeal to a younger and more fashion-focused shopper, while also engaging the existing customer base. Bright, crisp, clean and confident, the new design (by Dalziel and Pow, London) brings a fresh, modern feel to the brand.

The new Reitmans concept features layers of contrasting materials and textures that provide distinctive character. Screens of lacquered and punched metal break up the center floor space, while panels of grey-washed timber break up the perimeter. All of the surfaces add to the visual interest.

The store boasts an expressive plan, supported by the greater emphasis on visual merchandising. With no rigid barriers, the layout allows the merchandise to flow. It also encourages customers to explore and allows for greater visibility of the brand’s full range.

The lighting lends a note of drama to the space. It relies primarily on spotlights, which are used to exploit the reflective surfaces. The lights illuminate the merchandise as opposed to the shell.

The new design made its debut in Montreal this spring. Three additional Reitmans locations have been earmarked to pilot the concept.

Design: Dalziel and Pow, London

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