Traeger Grills breaks down data silos with Amazon Web Services

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Traeger Grills is enhancing customer service agent performance with Amazon Web Services.

An outdoor cooking equipment brand is streamlining its customer service agents’ access to relevant data with cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.

Traeger Grills, which operates its own direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel as well as sells products via third-party retail partnerships, had been experiencing issues with organizing information for customer service agents in real time. A growing customer base and diversified product offering posed challenges to contact center agents attempting to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

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In response, the company has deployed the new Amazon Connect Wisdom solution from Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform. Previously, Traeger’s contact center agents had often relied on sources of data that were siloed across its knowledge management systems and not integrated with the applications they use when interacting with customers.

This required agents to spend time manually searching across data sources for information to solve customer issues, impeding their ability to help customers quickly. Amazon Connect Wisdom ingests and organizes content that agents need, such as FAQs, help articles, and service briefs, with pre-built connectors to Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Additionally, Traeger customer service agents can now use Amazon Connect Wisdom to search across data repositories to find answers and quickly resolve customer issues during a conversation. Agents can type a question or phrase, and Amazon Connect Wisdom is designed to return the most relevant information and best answer to handle the customer issue.

For example, an agent could type “how do I exchange an item?”, and Amazon Connect Wisdom will search the connected data store and return an answer with links to more detailed information. Trager is also considering deploying the new AWS Amazon Connect Voice ID solution, which provides real-time caller authentication using machine learning-powered voice analysis.

When a caller chooses to enroll, enroll, Amazon Connect Voice ID uses machine learning to analyze the caller’s speech attributes (e.g. rhythm, pitch, and tone) during the first few seconds of a call and then creates a secure digital voiceprint for the caller. When the customer calls again, Amazon Connect Voice ID compares the caller’s voiceprint to the claimed identity and assigns a confidence score, authenticating only if the caller’s score meets the confidence score threshold set by the organization.

“Integrating Amazon Connect Wisdom into our contact center has enabled our agents to focus on delivering premiere customer experiences instead of spending time navigating complex systems to identify customer issues,” said Bryan Carey, head of operations and analytics, Traeger Grills. “So far, agents using AmazonConnect Wisdom have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and first contact resolution of roughly 15%. They have also decreased their call handle times by roughly 15%. 

Amazon Connect Wisdom will be a cornerstone of our efforts to continue optimizing our customer service by equipping our agents with the information they need to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible,” added Carey. “We are also excited about the capabilities within Amazon Connect Voice ID, adding it to our interactive voice response will protect against fraud while making it easier for our customers to quickly and securely authenticate themselves with their own voice on self-serve channels.”