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Tractor Supply plants seeds for seamless personalization

As first reported by Chain Store Age, Tractor Supply Company will leverage cloud-based technology from Adobe to help support its impressive growth.

Operating more than 1,900 stores, Tractor Supply reported 35% sales growth in Q2 2020, including triple-digit e-commerce growth. And as an essential business, the company plans to open 75-80 new stores in 2020. 

In order to drive continued corporate growth and evolution of a blended shopping experience that includes BOPIS and curbside pickup, Tractor Supply has selected Adobe as a technology partner. Since Tractor Supply serves a predominately rural market, it became an added convenience for shoppers using BOPIS and curbside to know that the right order (and quantity) would be there when they made a trek to the store. These omnichannel services became even more critical when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

A set of Adobe Experience Cloud apps will enable the company to deliver, personalize and measure customer experience online while supporting a seamless shopper journey from digital channels to physical stores. Specifically, Tractor Supply will use Adobe Experience Manager to create and manage a consistent online experience across channels like desktop web and mobile. Meanwhile, the Adobe Analytics solution will help the retailer better understand the overall customer shopping journey and leverage insights to make ongoing improvements. 

In addition, Tractor Supply will utilize the Adobe Target application to drive personalization for millions of shoppers, with targeted promotional offers and services like curbside pickup. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating existing retail trends such as curbside and mobile shopping, Tractor Supply intends its deployment of Adobe apps will help ensure it can scale its customer experience and keep it resilient, regardless of external forces. 

“When our company embarked on digital transformation, we realized that shopping was no longer about supporting individual channels like in-store, web commerce and mobile,” said Rob Mills, chief technology, digital commerce and strategy officer at Tractor Supply Company. “The customer dictates the terms, and our job is to make their use cases feel seamless. Whether a shopper is using their mobile device in a store or leveraging curbside pickup, it all needs to have a feeling of harmony. It is a tall order, but technology partners like Adobe will help ensure we deliver and continue our trajectory of growth.” 

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