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The top 10 U.S. e-commerce retailers are…

Amazon continues to far outdistance all other U.S. retailers in e-commerce sales, but Walmart and other large retailers are showing increased strength as they pivot online.  

For the first time, Walmart will surpass eBay as the No. 2 e-commerce retailer in the U.S., according to a report by eMarketer that ranks retailers by percentage of total online sales.

“Amazon will increase its e-commerce market share to 38.0% and extend its reign of dominance,” said Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst.  “But big-box retailers are leveraging their click-and-collect models to accelerate their e-commerce businesses.”
Along with Target, Best Buy, The Home Depot and Costco Wholesale, Walmart is expected to grow e-commerce sales more than 35% in 2020, according to e-Marketer. 

The top-growing ecommerce categories will be food and beverage at 58.5% and health/personal care/beauty at 32.4%, as Americans turn to online ordering for household essentials. Apparel and accessories, the second-largest e-commerce category in overall sales, will grow just 8.6% as consumers shift spending from more discretionary, nonessential categories.

Here is e-Marketer’s ranking of the top 10 U.S. companies ranked by retail e-commerce sales share for 2020: 

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