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Uber riders to be rewarded for in-car shopping

Uber passengers will be able to shop while they ride, and be rewarded with Uber credits for their purchases.

The ride-sharing giant announced the launch of a new shopping app with Cargo, an in-car e-commerce startup that it signed a partnership with last year. The Cargo Store app will feature a curated, small selection of popular products, ranging from Apple hardware to Away luggage to Glossier makeup. After they make their purchase, Cargo will ship the item directly to their home, free of charge. The Cargo app will also sell in-ride entertainment via a partnership with Universal Studios.

Riders will receive 10% back in Uber Voucher credits on every purchase, with the credit redeemable on future Uber rides or Cargo purchases. Drivers will earn an extra $1 every time a passengers order through the app for the first time.

Under the deal Uber entered into with Cargo last year, the start-up supplied drivers in select cities with a box filled with such items as gum, phone chargers, and snacks to sell to passengers from the center of the car console, with customers requesting and paying for the goods via Cargo’s mobile site. Only cars equipped with the Cargo box console can participate in the new arrangement.
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