ShopRite gets down to ingredients of online shopping

Regional grocery co-op ShopRite is partnering with digital recipe network Chicory in a new omnichannel shopping venture.

ShopRite parent company Wakefern Food Corp. is integrating ShopRite’s online loyalty program with Chicory’s digital recipes. Instead of writing down a recipe list and finding ingredients in a store, customers can now directly populate ingredients into an online shopping cart at ShopRite.

To use the new digital recipe service, ShopRite customers can look up any of the 3.6 million recipes in the Chicory network of 1,000 recipe sites, scroll to the bottom of the ingredient list and click “Get Ingredients.” They then type their ZIP code, select ShopRite as their grocery retailer and select their preferred option from a list of local ShopRite stores.

Customers then sign into or register for their ShopRite loyalty account, and all ingredients are preloaded into their online shopping cart. The final step is for customers to either digitally complete their purchase or use their online cart as an in-store shopping list. As part of the service, ShopRite associates will personally select all food and items for online orders and customers can pick up their groceries at the store or have them delivered.

“Chicory is proud to partner with Wakefern Food Corp. to bring recipe ingredients to the doors of consumers across the Northeast,” said Yuni Sameshima, Chicory CEO and co-founder. “Wakefern has approached this partnership with the shopper experience as first priority, so we hold their dedication to the partnership and their consumer in high esteem.”

The Wakefern cooperative comprises 50 members who independently own and operate 354 supermarkets under the ShopRite, The Fresh Grocer, Price Rite, and Dearborn Market banners in nine East Coast states from Massachusetts to Virginia.