Retail Next: The biggest, busiest shopping days of the year will be…

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Retail Next: The biggest, busiest shopping days of the year will be…

By Marianne Wilson - 10/06/2016

Move over Black Friday.

The biggest shopping day in terms of holiday sales is expected to be Friday, Dec. 23, while the biggest day in terms of store traffic is expected to be Saturday, Dec. 17, according to RetailNext Inc. (See lists at end of story.) It’s the first time in many years that Black Friday failed to top either of the lists.

"As retailers have continued the trend to open more stores on Thanksgiving Day, it has pilfered away both sales and traffic from Black Friday," said Shelley E. Kohan, VP of retail consulting at RetailNext. "This year, with Christmas falling on a Sunday, most shoppers will want to cut short their shopping early on Saturday, Dec. 24, leaving the day before, Friday, as retail's biggest opportunity for sales. For store visits, Super Saturday will lead the way, with Black Friday a very close second."

RetailNext is predicting a 3.2% year-over-year lift in sales, driven in part by a 14.9% increase in sales through digital channels.

"There will be slight degrees of variability in early November due to the U.S. Presidential election," added Kohan, "but the residual angst from Election 2016 will subside by Thanksgiving. As compared to last year, there are two additional shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and when coupled with generally positive economic indicators, the retail industry looks for a strong close to the year."

Here is how RetailNext sees the holiday period playing out:

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Days (Sales)

1. Friday, Dec. 23

2. Super Saturday, Dec. 17

3. Black Friday, Nov. 25

4. Thursday, Dec. 22

5. Wednesday, Dec. 21

6. Sunday, Dec. 18

7. Saturday, Dec. 24

8. Saturday, Dec. 10

9. Friday, Dec. 16

10. Saturday, Dec. 3

Top 10 Busiest Shopping Days (Shopper Visits)

1. Super Saturday, Dec. 17

2. Black Friday, Nov. 25

3. Friday, Dec. 23

4. Saturday, Dec. 10

5. Monday, Dec. 26

6. Sunday, Dec. 18

7. Saturday, Dec. 24

8. Thursday, Dec. 22

9. Wednesday, Dec. 21

10. Saturday, Dec. 3

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