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Target powers up three new renewable energy projects

Target is furthering its commitment to use solar- and wind-generated electricity.

The discount giant is entering renewable power purchase agreements for two solar projects in Texas, including the Golden Buckle Solar Project with Savion. Target will also purchase renewable power from the Haystack Wind Project, based in Nebraska, with Ørsted. 

Together, Target says its portion of the projects will generate the equivalent electricity required to power 101,000 homes each year, and will pace the company ahead of schedule in meeting its 2030 goal of generating all of its electricity from renewable sources.

These new renewable energy projects will address nearly a quarter of Target’s electricity use with solar and wind power. Along with the company’s existing partnerships, the new projects will have Target purchasing nearly 50% of its electricity from renewable sources once they are operational. 

In addition, major Target suppliers, including PepsiCo and Hormel Foods, have also signed on to at least one of these projects. Target is not along among major retailers in setting ambitious renewable energy goals. Walmart and Amazon have both pledged to be net zero carbon across their entire businesses by 2040. 

“As we strive to create a more sustainable future for all, our renewable energy efforts are critical to maintaining vibrant communities for years to come,” said John Leisen, Target VP of property management. “Our new solar and wind contracts represent a big step toward reaching our climate goals and nurturing a healthier planet for the communities we call home.”

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