Survey: Mobile apps and personalized rewards resonate with consumers

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Online shopping
60% of consumers surveyed are more likely to shop with a retailer that offers a mobile app.

A majority of consumers are expecting retailers to offer mobile apps and want personalized and exclusive rewards for using them.

Per a new survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers from Bryj, an AI-powered, SaaS solution for mobile app development, three-in-four consumers (74%) expect retailers to offer mobile apps, with younger consumers in Gen Z (82%) and Millennial (81%) age groups reporting higher rates of this expectation.

“As mobile apps increasingly become a table stakes requirement for businesses, more retailers have integrated the technology to streamline operations,” said the company. “Yet, a widening gap remains between consumer expectations for mobile shopping experiences and reality, especially among Gen Z and Millennials – true digital natives. Amid inflationary pressures and shifting consumer behavior, retailers need greater agility to create and optimize valuable app experiences that quickly deliver personalization and convenience.”

Six-in-10 (60%) consumers are more likely to shop with a retailer that offers a mobile app, with in-app exclusive rewards highlighted as a key factor influencing this consumer preference (83%). 

Three-quarters (76%) of consumers ranked discounts and deals as the most valuable feature of mobile apps, followed by loyalty programs (57%) and ease of payment (54%). A large majority (83%) of consumers said they would be more likely to purchase an item from a mobile app that offers personalized recommendations, with a massive 91% of Gen Z and Millennials shoppers reporting so.

“The future of retail is mobile. From mobile checkout to virtual fitting rooms powered by AI and augmented reality, retailers are discovering new ways to blend physical and digital experiences and meet the evolving demands of customers,” said Lawrence Snapp, CEO of Bryj. “When done right – with personalization, convenience, and agility at the core – mobile experiences are a powerful tool to deepen customer relationships, build loyalty and drive greater business value.”

However, despite these expectations from consumers, retailers have some room for improvement when it comes to their mobile apps. Nearly half (44%) of consumers said they are only somewhat satisfied with the mobile shopping experience, with 8% reporting their dissatisfaction.

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