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Topgolf launches flexible design for expansion into new markets

Topgolf is looking to broaden its portfolio in more ways than one.

The company, which blends high-tech driving ranges with event spaces, dining and a sports-like bar, is launching a new design that it will use to expand in small- and mid-sized cities across the United States. Topgolf said it is actively seeking development opportunities nationwide, with a focus on markets with a population of 100,000 to 500,000.

The new concept is an evolution of the traditional Topgolf venue and one that has been created specifically for to serve small and mid-sized cities. The design can scale up or down in size based on demand, the company said, allowing Topgolf to grow its footprint across a broader range of markets than its traditional model.

“With this new concept, we will leverage over 19 years of operating experience and industry-leading Toptracer technology, while creatively designing and programming the space to bring an unforgettable entertainment experience to many more communities, reaching millions more guests than we ever could previously,” said Topgolf COO Craig Kessler. “We are actively looking for sites and we will announce more details in the coming months.”

Topgolf venues are multi-level complexes feature high-tech golf balls and gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, food and cocktails, events, music and more. Players are charged hourly, and the cost depends on time of day.

“This will be a smaller footprint and flexible design that allows us to scale the number of bays," said Topgolf director of real estate Devin Charhoun. "What will remain consistent is market-leading Toptracer technology paired with an environment that delivers memorable guest experiences."

It currently operates some 53 U.S. locations, along with four international ones.
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