Consumer goods brand looks to double its brick-and-mortar footprint

Tide is making a big push into the physical space as it targets the estimated 26 million American households who outsource their laundry.

The cleaning brand, a division of Proctor & Gamble, is expanding its Tide Cleaners store concept with more than 2,000 locations nationwide by the end of 2020. Tide Cleaners is available in several different formats, including 24-hour freestanding stores that offer a variety of laundry services, including dry cleaning, alterations and wedding dress preservation. Currently, there are 125 standalone Tide Cleaners locations across 22 states.

Tide Cleaners also operates drop-boxes in urban locations, including inside high-rise apartment buildings, offices and storefronts. To use, consumers download the Tide Cleaners app and submit cleaning instructions and the box number, then Tide Cleaners will send a notification when clean clothes are ready for pick up. Currently, boxes exist in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Boston and Nashville. The model is quickly expanding with about 350 new boxes installed every month.

In addition, consumers will now be able to drop off and pick up laundry and dry cleaning through Tide Cleaners boxes installed in existing retail locations, including supermarkets and other high-traffic areas.

Finally, college students can purchase a monthly laundry plan through Tide Cleaners that includes on-campus delivery. The service is currently available at more than 20 college campuses.

“For many people, the closest laundry room is 20 floors down or 10 blocks down the street,” said Sundar Raman, VP of P&G’s North American Fabric Care business. “Whether you’re one of the millions of people living in a high-rise apartment building or you’re juggling college classes, we know taking care of your clothes may not always be convenient. Our goal with Tide Cleaners is to help people’s increasingly busy lives revolve more around what matters, and less around their laundry.”

Building managers, interested franchisees and retailers can request that Tide Cleaners consider opening a location in their city, building or on their campus by going to
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