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Simon’s Shop Premium Outlets platform adds AI-driven digital shopping features

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Shop Premium Outlets is enhancing search and discovery with AI.

An e-commerce platform jointly operated by Simon and Rue Gilt Groupe is offering four new artificial intelligence (AI)-based customer experiences.

Shop Premium Outlets, co-launched by premium mall operator Simon and online shopping site Rue Gilt Groupe in 2019, is releasing the in-house-developed AI-driven digital shopping features in time for the holiday rush. They include three new search options and a hyper-personalization and discovery solution. More details follow:

AI-Driven Search Features

Image search – Users can initiate their shopping experience by uploading an image or taking a photo. The AI technology understands the content of images, making it easier for customers to find products without using language or technical description.

Color Search – Shoppers can refine search results, or start their product search, with specific colors as a key filter. 

Similar Items Search – Customers can browse and shop a curated selection of products that is intended to strongly resemble their item of interest. By clicking on a product image, users are presented with similar items, with the goal of making discovery seamless and highly targeted.

Hyper-Personalization and Discovery 

Hyper-Personalization Engine - This feature anticipates customer preferences by providing brand and product recommendations by synthesizing direct customer input with Shop Premium Outlet's selection of brands and products. This knowledge-driven recommendation system incorporates internal insights linking brands and products, enabling the platform to present discovery paths that lead customers to new brands and products that align with their preferences. 

These features are all now live and available in the iOS and Android versions of the Shop Premium Outlets app. 

Looking ahead further into the holidays, Shop Premium Outlets will be unveiling an AI search assistant, a chat-based interface designed to unify multi-modal search options into one cohesive search funnel. The solution aims to guide users through their shopping experience to make product discovery more interactive and personalized.

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“These features offer a glimpse into the future of online shopping—a future where the search is smart, discovery is insightful, and the shopping experience is as individual as each customer,” Shop Premium Outlets said in a statement. “All powered by Shop Premium Outlet's commitment to staying at the forefront of e-commerce innovation.”

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