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Shoe Carnival seeks to expand online product assortment

Shoe Carnival is adding products for sale on its website.

Shoe Carnival is easing the introduction of third-party-owned items on its e-commerce site.

As part of a growth strategy to increase scale and become a multi-billion-dollar retailer, Shoe Carnival Inc. is leveraging the cloud-based CommerceHub e-commerce platform in an effort to make it easier to find, onboard and effectively merchandise new products from qualified brands.

The specialty footwear retailer, which currently generates over $1.2 billion in annual revenue and is one of the nation's largest family footwear retailers, offers an assortment with an emphasis on national name brands. In addition to its nearly 400 stores nationwide, Shoe Carnival is now trying to grow its e-commerce business with a strategy based on increasing online product assortment and personalization at scale.

The CommerceHub platform's e-commerce capabilities include unified drop ship and marketplace, advanced catalog services, and fast fulfillment.

"We've built our business on getting closer to our customers and understanding their preferences and style choices in a rapidly changing market, and we are incredibly optimistic about our future growth," said Kent Zimmerman, VP of e-commerce & CRM, Shoe Carnival. "We are strategically growing our sales in third-party-owned inventory through e-commerce, which enables us to better serve consumers by providing them with more styles and more selection while making it easy for them to have a great experience shopping with us."

"CommerceHub is helping us create more agile ecommerce capabilities and respond rapidly to shifts in consumer demand, to more effectively stock inventory consumers want right when they want it and allow them to get it faster," Zimmerman said. "Shoe Carnival is doing this very successfully and providing a seamless experience for its consumers across its stores and online that is generating strong results."

As of June 24, 2022, Evansville, Ind.-based Shoe Carnival Inc. operated 395 stores in 35 states and Puerto Rico under its Shoe Carnival and Shoe Station banners and offers shopping at its e-commerce site.

FabFitFun performs drop-shipping via CommerceHub

FabFitFun, a digitally native retailer offering quarterly subscription boxes and operating a curated e-commerce website for its members, is leveraging the CommerceHub e-commerce platform and Commerce Suite unified marketplace and drop-ship solution.

The company is utilizing CommerceHub unified marketplace and drop-ship technology to help expand its curated product assortment and increase sales and profitability without having to maintain stock on hand, while maintaining a positive customer experience for its members.

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