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FabFitFun expands assortment via drop-shipping

FabFitFun is launching a drop-ship program.

A Los Angeles-based subscription membership retailer is expanding its assortment without having to add infrastructure.

FabFitFun, a digitally native retailer offering quarterly subscription boxes and operating a curated e-commerce website for its members, is leveraging the CommerceHub e-commerce platform and Commerce Suite unified marketplace and drop-ship solution.

In addition to its signature quarterly FabFitFun Box, the retailer also operates FabFitFunTV, a streaming video service that offers on-demand wellness content; as well as the FabFitFun online community and members-only shopping experiences.

As it has evolved past its core subscription box product, FabFitFun has found a need to meet growing customer demand for unique offerings. The company is utilizing CommerceHub unified marketplace and drop-ship technology to help expand its curated product assortment and increase sales and profitability without having to maintain stock on hand, while maintaining a positive customer experience for its members.

FabFitFun also gains access to the CommerceHub network of over 40,000 partners, ranging from major brands to smaller artisanal businesses.

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"We invest in technology that enables us to achieve our mission of delivering happiness and well-being to everyone, everywhere, at scale," said Michael Broukhim, co-CEO and co-founder, FabFitFun. "CommerceHub has the most extensive network of brands that align with our mission—their innovative platform and technical capabilities meet our critical functional requirements and we feel their customer-centric approach supports our future aspirations. At its core, FabFitFun is a community, and we aim to deliver products and experiences to members of our community that they are consistently excited about. By working with CommerceHub, we are looking forward to surprising them with even more choices and interesting experiences."

FabFitFun’s flagship product, the FabFitFun Box, delivers a curated collection of full-size products across beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, home, and tech each season.

Marks & Spencer unifies enterprise omnichannel operations

British retail giant Marks & Spencer is also deploying the CommerceHub Commerce Suite, in an effort to be able to quickly expand assortment, boost customer engagement and loyalty, and attract new customers. The retailer also intends to gain agility and flexibility in performing its merchandising and fulfillment processes.

Leveraging Commerce Suite, the retailer intends to more quickly onboard new suppliers, as well as manage orders and handle returns more easily. Equipped with these capabilities, Marks & Spencer hopes to offer more products to customers without the need for additional, owned inventory, which will increase its ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

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