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Regional grocers personalize customer interactions – at scale

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Two regional grocery chains are leveraging the same personalization intelligence engine to create a more relevant shopping experience.

Brookshire Grocery Co. and Weis Markets are both utilizing the Mercatus AisleOne solution to tap into shopper data and behavior. AisleOne is equipped with machine learning algorithms that enable the retailers to perform targeted CRM tasks such as generating automatic personalized catalogs and search results tailored to each individual shopper; serving personalized product suggestions based on shoppers’ basket, past purchase and adjacent profile data; and gaining full transparency into and control over customers’ data and product recommendations.

AisleOne analyzes all shopper data touchpoints across the entire online shopping journey, from engagement to checkout. Combined with insights from in-store transaction data, Brookshire and Weis hope to gain the ability to offer a unified shopping experience uniquely tailored to every customer.

“A year ago, we launched online ordering with curbside pickup service to 100 stores across Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods and FRESH by Brookshire’s banners,” said John D’Anna, chief strategy officer, Brookshire Grocery Co. “Now, we are excited to expand our partnership with Mercatus by adding AisleOne personalization to our online shopping capabilities and creating a more personalized, convenient and enjoyable customer experience.”

“At Weis Markets, we are always striving to better understand both online and offline shopping behavior to create engaging experiences for our customers,” said Ron Bonacci, VP president of marketing and advertising, Weis Markets. “We’ve already made significant progress with our company’s digital grocery shopping program since partnering with Mercatus and look to do even more in 2020.”

Brookshire Grocery Co. is a regional family-owned grocery business that operates more than 180 stores in three states – Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Weis Markets Inc. is a mid-Atlantic food retailer operating 198 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia and Virginia.

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