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Regional c-store chain Go Mart regulates fuel

gas pump
Go Mart is tracking the flow of fuel.

Go Mart is ensuring it can accurately track its fuel inventory.

The retailer, which operates across West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia, is utilizing Warren Rogers Precision Fuel System Diagnostics fuel system compliance, wet-stock management, and forecourt diagnostics technology.

The retailer will leverage the system, which uses real-time data and cloud analytics, to track fuel as it makes its way to store sites, enters the tank, flows through each fuel line, and reaches the meter.

In addition, Warren Rogers will provide customized auditing and operational reports, along with the compliance documentation required to meet all state and federal regulations.

Store associates will be able to better identify and address issues such as dormant or down fueling positions; water in tank; active tank gauge alarms; meters out-of-variance; failed tank, sensor, and line testing; low inventory levels; lost communications; slowing fuel flow trends; and other abnormalities.

The solution features a dashboard that will help Go Mart view diagnostics across the enterprise on a consolidated and centralized online platform, enabled for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

“We chose Warren Rogers for our fuel management needs because they are a leader in the industry and their comprehensive services are just what we needed,” said Phil Shuman, president of Go Mart. “The FuelWrap real-time system was particularly attractive to us since it can help us monitor activity, such as delivery shortages and potential theft, inaccurate meter calibration, environmental compliance, and poor flow rates. It also allows us to share insightful data with our internal departments, across all our sites, ultimately improving efficiency. The support of the Warren Rogers analysts is another plus.”

“We’re delighted that Go Mart selected us as a partner,” said William Jones, president and CEO of Warren Rogers. “Their long history and dedication to providing superior products and services are truly impressive. We’re excited about working with Go Mart and since our FuelWrap system is scalable, we’ll be able to continue to support them with all their leak detection, compliance and fuel monitoring needs as they continue to grow.”

Based in Gassaway, W.V., Go Mart operates 122 locations throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia.

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