Red Wing Shoes develops central data hub

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Red Wing Shoes is obtaining a single view of customer data.

A global safety footwear brand is creating a 360-degree view of customer data across all channels and divisions.

Red Wing Shoe Company is deploying a Semarchy central data hub to better manage increased volumes of customer data generated from substantial growth of the company’s e-commerce sales. Leveraging Semarchy’s unified data platform, Red Wing Shoes intends to deliver a customer-centric retail strategy.

Utilizing Semarchy technology, the company seeks to enhance data quality, data visibility, data management, and reporting and analytics. Red Wing Shoes is also developing a data strategy, minimizing administrative and overhead costs, and establishing a “golden record” for customers before implementing new POS and e-commerce platforms.

The first data Red Wing Shoes is optimizing is its store of customer data across all platforms, which it now leverages to obtain a complete view of its more than 9 million individual customers across North America and Europe.

Leveraging Semarchy’s unified data platform, Red Wing Shoes is now enabling its business units to be proactive with marketing and customer support to serve customers with real-time, accurate data. Now that the company has achieved one ‘golden record’ per customer, the marketing department is able to market to customers based on their level of engagement, purchase history and locations to establish data-driven marketing campaigns.

“With our old systems, if you had a customer that bought shoes in three different stores and online, they would look like four different $300 customers to us, instead of one $1,200 customer,” said Jay Wardle, director, enterprise data at Red Wing Shoe Company. “With Semarchy, we solved our data quality and master data management issues with one system. Now our customer data contains a single golden record for everyone, making it easy for marketing, sales, and customer service to see the data in real-time.”

“We are delighted that Semarchy was able to fulfill the data needs of Red Wing Shoes’ various departments and to enhance the customer experience overall,” said Brett Hansen, chief growth officer at Semarchy. “It is a joy to see how Semarchy’s unified data platform can transform a great brand into a data-driven powerhouse equipped for maximum responsiveness to customer demands and marketing opportunities.”

Red Wing Shoes continues to work with Semarchy on developing new ways to leverage the unified data platform to reduce business complexity and increase efficiencies for its global business. These programs include additional marketing projects, establishing a new POS and e-commerce system with clean data, and improving customer data for its wholesale/industrial customer segments.

Red Wing focuses on omnichannel customer service

To centralize order fulfillment and support omnichannel shopping, Red Wing previously implemented the Tecsys order management platform. Leveraging the Tecsys solution, Red Wing is orchestrating incoming orders from front-end systems and connect brick-and-mortar and digital channels. The company seeks to develop an omnichannel commerce strategy to ensure positive customer experiences, however and wherever customers shop.

Minnesota-based Red Wing Shoe Company distributes products across multiple brands to more than 110 countries, via more than 525 Red Wing retail stores, as well as multiple third-party retail partners and owned e-commerce platforms.