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Rainbow Shops unifies e-commerce data to support 900% growth

Rainbow Shops
Rainbow Shops is taking a data-centric approach to omnichannel commerce.

A specialty fashion retailer is adapting to explosive growth in its online business by integrating various streams of e-commerce data on a single platform.

Rainbow Shops is deploying decisioning technology from SoundCommerce on its e-commerce site. The omnichannel retailer’s e-commerce business has grown almost 900% in six years, achieving a 44% compounded annual growth rate.

The company adopted SoundCommerce to unify and activate all data across its legacy Salesforce Commerce Cloud and new Shopify e-commerce storefronts, with the goal of ensuring continuity of customer experience throughout a replatforming initiative. Leveraging the SoundCommerce implementation, Rainbow Shops is unifying more than eight years of granular transactional order history and customer engagement data to unlock insights and enable action across its omnichannel operations, from initial customer click to doorstep delivery.

The SoundCommerce platform and retail data model are designed to combine, validate, and stage customer, order, shipment, product catalog, digital marketing campaign and merchandising promotion data. As a result, Rainbow Shops intends to coordinate decisions and action across marketing, fulfillment and supply chain operations, merchandising, customer service and finance.

Rainbow Shops has been focusing on improving the omnichannel customer experience for the past year. In fall 2020, the retailer deployed the Facebook-owned Kustomer omnichannel customer service CRM platform. Weeks before the start of the 2020 holiday shopping season, Rainbow implemented and integrated Kustomer technology in an effort to provide customer service agents with real-time request resolutions, an integrated view of the customer, operational efficiencies, and a more seamless customer experience across channels.

“We adopted SoundCommerce to solve a specific data unification problem during our e-commerce replatforming,” said David Cost, VP digital and e-commerce at Rainbow Shops. “In the process, SoundCommerce became a strategic and company-wide data solution for Rainbow. We now have a cloud data warehouse in place for the long term, aligning our work with our most important success metrics and KPIs. SoundCommerce has created a platform that we can build on, bridging a decade of order history across all of our customers, to drive better customer experiences and optimize customer lifetime value.”

“SoundCommerce ‘watches our back’ like an early warning system,” Cost said. We use the platform to track order flow and state across our operational systems. It basically allows us to do all of the things that we need to do which require a real-time data warehouse. Acting as our data warehouse at Rainbow Shops, SoundCommerce makes it easy to combine years of data across both Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify. The SoundCommerce platform ensured data continuity through our e-commerce storefront platform migration -- and in the process unlocked our data across departments and systems for strategic campaigns and decision making.”

“Optimizing decisions for profitable growth is a mandate for every modern brand,” said SoundCommerce CEO Eric Best. “Rather than spend years building brittle integrations to custom cloud data warehouses, brands like Rainbow Shops can adopt SoundCommerce to immediately align actions with the most important measures of retail success.”

Rainbow Shops is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based fashion retailer with over 1,000 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and online.

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