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Prime Day results show promising signs for Amazon

Prime Day 2023
Amazon Prime Day started strong.

The first day of the Amazon Prime Day sales extravaganza showed year-over-year improvement in a key metric.

According to data from the Numerator Amazon Prime Day Tracker, as of 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 11 (day one of Prime Day 2023), the average order size was $56.26, up almost 8% from $52.22 in the same reporting period during Prime Day 2022.

Numerator data also shows that more than half (52%) of households shopping Prime Day have already placed two or more separate orders, bringing the average household spend to roughly $115.23.

The top items as of 4 p.m. ET on the first day of Prime Day 2023 were liquid I.V. packets, Temptations cat treats and Amazon Fire TV Sticks; while the top categories shoppers said they had purchased were apparel & shoes (34%), household essentials (29%), and home goods (26%). 6

Six in 10 surveyed Prime Day shoppers said they purchased items they had been holding off on buying until they were on sale. More than half of Prime Day items (56%) have sold for less $20, while 6% cost more than $100. The average spend per item was $33.56.

Numerator also examined demographic characteristics of the typical Prime Day shopper:

  • The typical observed Amazon Prime Day shopper is a high-income suburban female age 35-44.Eight in 10 are female.
  • 99% knew it was Prime Day before shopping.
  • 95% are members of Amazon Prime.
  • 93% have been Prime members for one year or more.
  • 81% have shopped Prime Day in the past.
  • 57% said Prime Day was their main reason for shopping.

Prime Day 2022 broke records with almost $12 billion in sales

Prime Day has become a big business event. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index data, total U.S. online spend across retailers during Prime Day 2022 reached an all-time high of $11.9 billion (including $6 billion on day one and $5.9 billion on day two), representing 8.5%growth compared to $11 billion in PrimeDay total online revenue in 2021.

Looking ahead to this year’s event, an Amazon-focused poll of 1,000 U.S. consumers by omnichannel marketing platform Skai showed high levels of consumer intent. Nearly all (95%) respondents to the Skai study are likely to browse or buy something during Prime Day 2023.

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