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Inflation affects first day of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 22
Amazon Prime Day is underway.

New data reveals how early Prime Day spending results in 2022 compare to 2021 results.

The average Prime Day order so far this year is $52.22, according to 2022 Live Prime Day Tracker data released Tuesday afternoon from Numerator, Nearly half (46%) of households shopping Prime Day have already placed two or more separate orders, bringing the average household spend to roughly $98.16, with average price per item of $34.08.

Of the surveyed consumers who shopped Prime Day this year and last, 27% spent more this year than in 2021, while 73% spent the same or less. Inflation impacted 83% of surveyed Prime Day shoppers, with 33% saying they waited for the sale to purchase a specific item at a discounted price, while 25% passed on a good deal because it wasn't a necessity. Inflation also drove 22% of individuals to look at prices outside of Amazon before buying.

Almost all (97%) surveyed Prime Day shoppers are members of Amazon Prime, and 80% have been Prime members for one or more years. Only 1% joined on July 12, suggesting Prime Day may no longer be a major tool for increasing Prime membership.

Ninety-six percent of surveyed Prime Day shoppers knew it was Prime Day before shopping, and 37% said Prime Day was their main reason for shopping. Almost eight in 10 (78%) have shopped Prime Day in the past. The typical Prime Day shopper observed by Numerator is a high-income, suburban female age 35-44.

The top items sold so far this Prime Day have been Fire TV Sticks, Echo Dot 4th Gens and Frito-Lay Variety Packs. Most Prime Day items (76%) have sold for under $30, while 5.7% have sold for over $100. The top categories consumers say they have purchased are household essentials (36%), health & beauty (28%), and consumer electronics (26%).

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Numerator analyzed 4,834 Prime Day orders from 2,572 unique households and 266 verified shopper surveys. See the full results here.

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