Pitney Bowes speeds up parcel sorting with smart robots

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Pitney Bowes robotic arm

A global commerce solutions provider is deploying robotic parcel sorting technology in its U.S. e-commerce hubs.

Pitney Bowes will roll out artificial intelligence (AI)-based robots from Ambi Robotics at e-commerce distribution facilities across the country in the next five years. The company seeks to speed parcel sortation to last-mile delivery providers on behalf of its e-commerce clients, while improving operational efficiency, accuracy and worker safety as parcel volumes continue to surge.

Pitney Bowes recently completed a successful pilot of the AmbiSort system in its Bloomington, Calif. e-commerce hub. The company efficiently and accurately sorted hundreds of thousands of unique parcels, with AmbiSort robots leveraging machine learning (ML) functionality to learn from each experience to get smarter and faster.

Powered by the AmbiOS operating system, Ambi Robotics’ robotic systems leverage proprietary simulation-to-reality AI that enables its robots to train exponentially faster than teaching algorithms in the physical world. AmbiSort says its robots pick, place, and pack parcels twice as fast as manual processes, reducing operating costs and automating difficult manual tasks.

“As we continue to scale our global e-ccommerce business, Pitney Bowes is on an aggressive path to seek out the most innovative technology partners in the world to co-develop new solutions that will improve our service offerings and make e-commerce logistics easier for our clients,” said Gregg Zegras, executive VP and president, global e-commerce, Pitney Bowes. “The AmbiSort AI-powered systems that Pitney Bowes has piloted over the past year and intends to deploy in our network of global e-commerce hubs over the next five years are part of a long-term plan to build the most technologically efficient, employee- and client-friendly e-commerce logistics network in the industry.”

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power transactions in the areas of e-commerce fulfillment, shipping and returns; cross-border e-commerce; office mailing and shipping; presort services; and financing.