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Past Amazon Prime Day shoppers gear up for 2023 event

Amazon Prime Day 2023
Most past Prime Day shoppers will participate again.

New data shows that previous participation in Amazon Prime Day is a good predictor of a consumer’s shopping plans for 2023.

According to a new survey of 850 nationally representative U.S. consumers who are past Prime Day-shoppers conducted by Suzy for online deals and coupons platform Slickdeals, 61% of respondents plan to shop the upcoming 2023 Amazon Prime Day sale (July 11-12). Thirty-five percent will consider shopping if they find a good deal, and only 5% state that they don't plan to shop during the event this year.

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The survey also found that 55% of respondents plan to spend the same amount as last year and 23% expect to spend more. The top four categories in which surveyed consumers plan to buy are the same as in 2022, including clothing, shoes & other apparel (63%), electronics (52%), essentials such as toilet paper (42%) and Amazon Basics products (42%). Hobby, leisure & travel products (40%) replaced food/pantry as the fifth-place pick.

Inflation concerns lessened slightly for respondents from 2022, with 45% stating it could have an impact on their shopping this Prime Day as opposed to 50% who stated it was a concern in 2022.

Respondents also revealed the following factors as most likely to have an impact on whether they shop Prime Day sales this year. If there is a sale on items they need (71%), having a Prime membership (53%), shipping & delivery time (43%) and recession-fears (32%).

Prime Day 2022 breaks records with almost $12 billion in sales

Prime Day has become a big business event. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index data, total U.S. online spend across retailers during Prime Day 2022 reached an all-time high of $11.9 billion (including $6 billion on day one and $5.9 billion on day two), representing 8.5%growth compared to $11 billion in PrimeDay total online revenue in 2021.

Looking ahead to this year’s event, nearly all (95%) respondents are likely to browse or buy something during Prime Day 2023, according to an Amazon-focused poll of 1,000 U.S. consumers by omnichannel marketing platform Skai. 

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