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Pacsun creates ‘single source of truth’ for customer data

Pacsun is enhancing its data analytics.

A leading teen apparel retailer is building actionable views of profitability and lifetime value of its shoppers.

Pacsun is leveraging the SoundCommerce Customer360 cloud platform to align marketing, merchandising and operations data. The retailer intends to have the solution serve as a “single source of truth” for all customer transaction, interaction and event data driving business performance across its retail stores and e-commerce site.

At Pacsun, SoundCommerce Customer360 brings disparate marketing and operations event data together to help the retailer balance compelling customer experiences with contribution profits and customer lifetime value (CLV). Utilizing the platform, Pacsun will enrich shopper profiles with identity and demographic attributes, track shopper behavior and value across omnichannel operations, and drive digital marketing campaigns to shopper segment profitability targets

The retailer also intends to optimize assortment, promotions, and fulfillment for customer engagement and CLV, as well as increase CLV with insights into complex membership and subscription programs and optimize customer engagement and retention programs for profitability.

Pacsun will gain insight into a customer’s average order value or whether a customer frequently returns their online orders. This level of granular customer data can then be used to determine which customers receive an exclusive discount or another marketing offer.

Pacsun will also leverage SoundCommerce technology to model, generate and export actionable customer segments, product assortments, and lists of orders based on granular criteria. Supported customer segmentation criteria include marketing considerations like cost of acquisition and campaign source and medium engagement, along with operational inputs like order cancellation and doorstep delivery latency.

SoundCommerce Customer360 collects customer profile and event data in real-time and unifies it with data sets across marketing, merchandising, customer experience and finance. The solution’s unified data models are designed to aid retail decisions, improve shopper experiences and increase customer lifetime profits.

The solution also supports dynamic customer attributes including marketing engagement across paid, social, email and messaging campaigns; profiling and segmentation of named and anonymous shoppers; and awareness of complex subscription membership and loyalty status. The module provides native tools for granular segmentation and customer data orchestration to industry-leading data activation tools.

Pacsun is increasing its visibility of customers for better marketing as it is targeting its core base of Gen Z shoppers with leading-edge promotions across digital and social channels such as TikTok, Snapchat, augmented reality (AR), digital gaming and NFTs. The company is running its Holiday 2021 campaign across multiple digital channels, including a dedicated Instagram filter, holiday Snapchat Lens, and TikTok challenge to promote seasonal digital experiences.

“SoundCommerce helps Pacsun manage complex omnichannel data to drive great customer experiences and higher customer lifetime value,” said Mike Relich, co-CEO at Pacsun. “With SoundCommerce, we’re making smarter decisions to build stronger relationships with our community, even as we grow our profitable retail operations.”

“SoundCommerce provides near real-time centralized customer insights which can help PacSun marketing and operations create better customer experience,” said Shirley Gao, Pacsun CIO. “SoundCommerce has been key to PacSun unlocking value from our data.” 

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