Orangetheory scans studios for layout consistency

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A fast-growing fitness franchise is creating “digital twins” of all its U.S. studios.

Orangetheory Fitness is leveraging Matterport Capture Services to scan and create “digital twins” (photorealistic, 3D virtual replicas) of all its U.S. studios, with the goal of ensuring design and layout are consistent with global brand guidelines. With more than 1,250 studios across the U.S., Orangetheory’s operational teams intend to gain significant cost and time savings by enabling efficient collaboration, analysis, and decision-making by remotely analyzing digital twins of its studios.

To ensure consistency across its U.S. studios, Orangetheory requires accurate, up-to-date visuals of new and existing locations. Using Matterport Capture Services to create digital twins of each studio, the company can virtually assess whether a location is consistent with brand guidelines and advise on required updates, reducing the travel and time required to verify conditions of all locations.

In addition, Orangetheory franchisees equipped with a digital twin of their studio can provide a 3D walkthrough of their space for prospective members.

“As we continue to grow the number of our studios across the U.S. and across the globe, it becomes increasingly difficult to access information about specific locations and make informed business decisions,” said Mike Mettler, chief development officer of Orangetheory Fitness. “With Matterport digital twins, we become equipped with accurate, reliable data that allows us to improve our studios and better serve our members. Throughout the process, the efficiency and ease of Capture Services saves us thousands of dollars in travel and labor costs.”

“Orangetheory is a great example of a retailer with the newfound ability to improve their operations across many studio locations, by using digital twins to streamline a typically lengthy and costly process,” said Stephanie Lin, senior director, global retail strategy for Matterport. “Matterport simplifies the process of obtaining site measurements, verifying store design and layouts, and the ongoing coordination and documentation required between teams. All of this enables retailers to make quicker, well-informed decisions that will significantly improve productivity and reduce travel expenses from costly site visits.” 

Digital twins for realistic online stores
In another example of how retailers can obtain value from digital twins of a physical store, value-price home furnishings retailer Cost Plus World Market enabled customers to buy and browse over 550 holiday products in a realistic online store setting.

Cost Plus World Market created its virtual holiday store with customer experience technology provider Rightpoint, a Genpact company, based on a Matterport 3D virtual tour platform.

The digital store experience is meant to bring a real in-store layout to life, and also features a storytelling layer of content designed to inspire consumers to explore the virtual store, add products to their cart, and learn more about seasonal trends like creating the perfect gift or decorating a holiday-inspired mantel.

Cost Plus World developed the idea of the virtual holiday store based on customer listening and insights, which uncovered that its customers missed shopping just to browse and enjoy, rather than going out for a needed item.