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Survey: Almost half of Cyber Monday shoppers to increase online spend


Whiting, Ind. -- Survey results released Tuesday by revealed that that 47% of Cyber Monday shoppers will spend more money online that day than they will in-store the during the rest of the holiday season. The holiday has gone mobile as well. More than one-quarter (29%) of smartphone and tablet owners plan to shop online on Cyber Monday on their devices.

The survey, conducted online nationwide by Harris Interactive, also found that 42% of smartphone owners who plan to shop online on Cyber Monday said they will "showroom" certain products on Black Friday with the intention to buy them on Cyber Monday.

When it comes to how much money they'll spend on Cyber Monday this year, U.S. adults shared a variety of amounts. When asked how much money they plan to spend on Cyber Monday this year, those who plan to shop said the following:

  • $1-$100 – 39%

  • $101-$500 – 54%

  • $501 - $10,000 – 6%

“Cyber Monday's popularity has grown year after year,” said Jackie Warrick, president and CEO of “For some people, it's even eclipsed Black Friday as the top day for saving, likely due to its convenience.”

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