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Safeway launches online and mobile savings tool


Portland, Ore. -- Safeway launched an online and mobile shopping program, called Just for U, in the company's Oregon and Washington divisions. The program, which delivers targeted savings directly to a customer's Safeway Club Card, can be accessed through the new Safeway Mobile App for iPhone or Android.

Just for U organizes and personalizes the shopping experience by what is most important to each shopper. Deals are offered on items a shopper most frequently buys, as well as items they might be interested in – providing savings of up to 10% to 20% more than by using a Safeway Club Card alone.

“Gone are the days where shoppers have to clip coupons, browse through ads or promotional flyers, or bring a handwritten shopping list to the store. With Just for U, Pacific Northwest Safeway shoppers are able to easily save time and money,” said Steve Frisby, president of Safeway's Portland and Seattle Divisions. “Shoppers can now download personalized savings just for them right to their Safeway Club Card and compile a customized shopping list online or while on-the-go using their mobile smart phone.”

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