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Burger King expands delivery to Boston


Miami, Fla. – Burger King Worldwide Inc. is expanding its BK Delivers home/work delivery program to five restaurants in Boston. Customers inside delivery zones can customize Burger King products and order them either online or by phone. The service, currently available in New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Vegas, Sacramento, greater Washington, D.C., Phoenix and Denver, has launched in one Boston restaurant, will launch in two more in the next two to three weeks, and in another two stores during the summer.

"This expansion was an easy decision as Boston has some of our most loyal guests and the Burger King brand is excited to offer them the opportunity to enjoy the food they love, delivered to them in the comfort of their home, dorm or office,” said Petru Pusta, director, retail innovation, Burger King Worldwide Inc.

Burger King is taking customer feedback on future markets for expansion of the BK Delivers service.

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