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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet finds value in communication

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Inc. is ensuring corporate headquarters and stores stay in touch.

The extreme value retailer is deploying Opterus OpsCenter, a multi-modular cloud solution designed to streamline the centralized management and execution of store tasks and communications. The solution measures and increases operational compliance, communicates corporate policy, manages day-to-day objectives and tasks, and manages processes linking corporate office and store locations. 

“We are excited to be able to provide Ollie’s Bargain Outlet with the enhanced store associate collaboration they were looking for along with comprehensive reporting of closed tickets, completed tasks and overall communications,” said Gary Stonell, VP, business development, Opterus Inc. 

Other retailers are also leveraging Opterus OpsCenter. Canadian footwear chain Browns Shoes has replaced an internally-built email and task platform with OpsCenter to deliver clear, concise information to stores.

Ollie’s currently operates 345 stores in 25 states throughout the Eastern half of the U.S.









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