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Walgreens a destination for Christmas procrastinators


Truly last minute shoppers will be able to visit the corner of happy and healthy this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where Walgreens said most of its nearly 8,200 stores will be open.

The company, which features “at the corner of happy & healthy” as its advertising tag line, said most stores will be open until midnight on Christmas Eve and its roughly 1,600 24-hour stores would stay open around the clock. On Christmas Day, most of the company’s non-24-hour stores will be open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

“As many shoppers are checking the final presents off of their lists, they oftentimes need to pick up one more item before celebrating. In fact, our research indicates that approximately 97% of people see themselves making an impromptu shopping trip this season,” said Moe Alkemade, Walgreens group vp of consumables, sundries and seasonal for Walgreens. “With our more than 8,000 locations nationwide, Walgreens offers a variety of last-minute gifts to complete the holiday shopping experience.”

The company also is offering a variety of tools to help shoppers figure out what to buy, including a guide called, “Happy and Healthy, Your Guide to Easy Holiday Solutions from Walgreens,” and a gift finder tool available online or through Walgreens mobile app.

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