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Wal-Mart cuts prices to aid consumers


BENTONVILLE, Ark. In response to the recent economic strain on American consumers, Wal-Mart announced today that it has rolled back prices on thousands of items, saving shoppers 10% to 30% off original store prices.

Wal-Mart said that it is offering savings on small items, such as snack foods, as well as big ticket items, such as high-definition televisions. To help with the higher-price products, the company said it is offering no interest for 18 months on purchases of $250 or more with a Wal-Mart Credit Card. The company is also offering a $100 gift card for the $1,296 Phillips 42 inch LCD HDTV to save on accessories and more.

"We all know economic times are tough so our plan is to help with added savings throughout the year, focusing especially on what people want, when they need it," said John Fleming, chief merchandising officer, Wal-Mart. "Shoppers are depending on us to deliver the best price so they can stick to their plans, no matter what the economy throws at us. We won't let them down."

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