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Toys'R'Us plays up QR codes on outdoor toys


WAYNE , N.J. — Toys"R"Us has added QR codes to more than 20 large outdoor items to help customers better visualize how the toy would work and look in their own backyards.

Customers can simply scan the QR code of the product they are interested in with their smartphone to view video footage or images of the item fully set up. Many of the products have corresponding videos that showcase kids playing with these fun summer toys.

Outdoor items featuring QR codes include trampolines from Bravo Sports, pools from Summer Escapes by Polypool and a variety of products from Step 2, such as sandboxes, slides, clubhouses and picnic tables.

For example, if a customer is considering purchasing the Tropical Island Resort with Umbrella from Step 2, they can scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone and view a video of the item in action, completely set up with water and kids at play.

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