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Target, Sports Authority to carry folding bikes


Target and Sports Authority are getting into the folding bike business, one of the fastest-growing segments in the $6 billion U.S. bike market.

The retail giants are adding Durban Bikes to their sporting goods assortment. “The demand for folding bikes is growing rapidly, and we’ve received immediate and enthusiastic interest in our product lineup,” said David White, managing director of Durban Bikes.

“Retailers recognize the bikes are extremely well-made, well-designed and competitively priced.” The Brazilian-designed Durban Bikes were first made available in the U.S. directly in late 2014. In just six months, the company has made significant inroads into the competitive North American bike market. The folding bikes, which range in price from $249.99 to $1,499, are now available at and in select Sports Authority stores across the country. Durban will soon be featured at “More and more urban residents are looking for a convenient, healthy mode of transportation for commuting, running errands and simply getting around town,” added White. “Our bikes do a great job meeting those needs.”

Durban is already a recognized category leader in South America, where folding bikes are more widely used. Collapsible in 15 seconds, they can easily be stored under a desk or in the corner of an apartment. They are also compatible across all modes of transportation—from subways, busses and ferries, to for-hire car services, airplanes and RVs.

Target is carrying all current models in all colors and will make Durban the featured folding bike brand on their website during National Bike Month in May.Sports Authority will carry the Bay 6 and Bay Pro models in all colors.

“Not only are we looking forward to the partnerships helping us sell bikes, we’re excited about it raising the profile of our brand so that more people consider folding bikes as a practical way of getting where they need to go,” added White.

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