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Survey: More Shoppers Lured by Sales, Promotions


Seattle Many shoppers are shopping more, rather than less, to take advantage of sales and promotions, according to a survey by design firm Callison.

The survey revealed that 53% of consumers are shopping as much as, or more, despite recent economic events.

In addition, about 44% said they are actively seeking out coupons, promotions and specials for purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, about 64% said that sales, promotions and specials are a top factor in deciding where to shop. About 59% said that lower-priced merchandise has a positive influence on their purchasing decisions.

“With consumers doing more comparison shopping, retailers must find ways to offer more value for their products,” said Kevin Roche, a principal at Callison. “Done successfully, retailers can not only mitigate the effects of reduced profit margins, but actually increase revenue in the long term.”

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