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Study: McDonalds lags in Twitter response


New York – McDonald’s responds more slowly to Twitter commentary than other major fast-food hamburger chains, but tweets more often than Wendy’s or Burger King. According to social media analysis conducted by the Wall Street Journal using a tool from Unmetric, Starbucks has 7.7 million Twitter followers, almost triple the 2.8 million Twitter followers held by McDonald’s, the number two fast food chain on Twitter.

Other findings include:

• Chipotle had the fastest response time and best response rate on Twitter, but sent few direct messages.

• Domino’s led in the rate of Twitter replies that were direct messages (69%).

• Pizza Hut has the largest number of fans and widest global reach of pizza chains on Facebook.

• KFC has 37.2 million fans on its global Facebook page, leading all fast food chains.

• Starbucks has uploaded the most videos to YouTube (498), but Chipotle has the most average views per video (289,998).

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