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Sony MusicPass to debut at CE retailers


NEW YORK Sony BMG Music Entertainment today announced the launch of Platinum MusicPass, a series of digital album cards that enable consumers to download full-length albums, and in many cases special bonus content, in the form of high-quality MP3 files.

Sony said it would debut the first 37 titles in the series on Jan. 15. The titles will be available at 4,500 retail outlets across the United States by the end of the month.

In the United States, MusicPass cards will be available at Best Buy, Target, and Fred's on Jan. 15, with Trans World stores (Coconuts, FYE, Wherehouse, & Spec's) and Winn-Dixie rolling out the cards by the end of January, the company reported.

According to Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business and U.S. sales for Sony BMG Music Entertainment, the MP3 files available through MusicPass play on computers and all MP3 players.

"We see MusicPass as a great way to bring digital music to the physical retail space," Hesse said. "We believe it will have strong appeal for a broad range of consumers, and that it will ultimately expand both the digital and physical markets for music. As we begin the roll out of this impressive new product we are extremely encouraged by the high levels of enthusiasm that MusicPass has generated among our artists and launch partners."


The cards will be priced at a suggested list retail price (slrp) of $12.99 which will include the complete digital album plus bonus material or, in the case of compilations, extensive track listings. In order get the content from their MusicPass cards consumers scratch the back of their card to unveil their pin number. They then visit to download their music files and bonus material.

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