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Sellpoints slays alleged patent troll & acquires 360° tech patent


Sellpoints, a pre-marketing platform that touts itself for help brands generate sales online, has acquired the 360° technology patent for videos and photos. 360° technology is used in e-commerce to give in-depth product tours and educate consumers about product benefits online.

According to Sellpoints, the previous patent owner sued multiple big brands to prevent them from using this technology on their websites. Sellpoints reportedly worked for five months to obtain the patent and open up its use to the e-commerce industry.

360° images and videos play an integral role in Sellpoints’ digital marketing platform.

“Rich media content delivers the most engaging online shopping experience, and industry studies show that 120 seconds of engagement shifts a consumer’s mindset from browsing to buying,” said VP of analytics Benny Blum. “One of our customers previously licensed this patent, and when we ran a product tour analysis, we found that 360 technology is the single most engaging piece of rich media. Average engagement starts at 42 seconds. It increased by 4 seconds for each interactive asset, 8 seconds for each document, 21 seconds for an interactive product tour, 17 seconds for a video and 28 seconds for a 360°.”

Sellpoints’ platform builds custom audiences from its network of 251 retailers, and reaches out to 130 million unique consumers each month.

“We wanted to take risk off the table for retailers and brands leveraging 360° technology,” said CEO Brian O’Keefe. “It’s been a long road to slaying the patent troll, but we’re excited to add this technology to our product offering and help our customers deliver the most robust consumer experience.”

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