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Report: The money behind women’s closet doors


New York -- Women have a real investment hiding in their closets, according to a survey by Alliance Data’s Card Services business, which manages store-brand credit card programs for retailers.

One-fourth of survey respondents indicated the total value of the items in their closet to be from $1,000 to $2,499, and 17% valued the contents between $5,000 and $9,999.

In other findings, 75% said they purchased up to one-fourth of the items in their closets in the past three months. And 9% said they sold unwanted clothing online.

Additional results include:

• Respondents were most likely to own the largest number of shirts and blouses, with the majority owning between 25 and 49, followed by the number of shoes – between 10 and 24 pairs – than any other type of clothing.

• Women are getting wear out of their wardrobes, with more than half saying they wear more than three-fourths of their wardrobe frequently.

• What comes around really does go around, with 70% saying they clean out their closets at least once a year, and 91% saying they donate unwanted clothing to a charitable organization.

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