Pinterest appeals most to this age group


One demographic in particular may want to break into a chorus of The Who’s “My Generation” when they use Pinterest.

New data from Pinterest shows that more than one in three of Pinterest’s 100 million global users are Millennials. With 75% of all content saved by Pinterest users coming from businesses, this reflects an opportunity to present brands and products to a Millennial-heavy audience.

In addition, 79% of Millennial Pinterest users say the platform is a “guide to life and is a place to teach me how to do things,” compared to 71% of all Pinterest monthly users. Eighty-four percent of Millennial Pinterest users say the platform is where they search and discover things related to health and fitness, compared with 64% of Pinterest users overall.

Other notable findings include:

• Sixty-six percent of Millennials use Pinterest for baby and parenting search and discovery, compared to 45% of total Pinterest users.

• Eighty percent of Millennials say that Pinterest “helps me find things I want to buy.”

• Seventy-two percent of Millennials say the network “helps me connect with brands I love.”

• Seventy-one percent of Millennials say the platform “recommends relevant products to buy.”

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