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Miranda Lambert helps Pedigree kick off shelter renovation campaign


Pedigree has launched its 50-state animal shelter renovation project with the help of Miranda Lambert in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, the country singer’s hometown.

“I started supporting this shelter to ensure every dog in my hometown would have a safe place to stay and enough food to fill their bellies. And Pedigree has helped me deliver on both those promises,” Lambert said at the event, where she and several community members and Pedigree employees cleaned the shelter and erected agility courses.

For the shelter renovation project, Pedigree will partner with charity GreaterGood to fix up an animal shelter in every U.S. state, installing new signs and improving animals’ play areas. The goal of the project, and its larger “See what good food can do” campaign — which documents how the company’s food improves the lives of shelter dogs — is to increase adoption of the approximately four million dogs that enter shelters every year.

"Shelter staff and volunteers work around-the-clock to provide love and attention to these pets,” Pedigree’s brand manager, Merritt Gilbert, said. “Providing much needed improvements to the shelters is a natural next step for us. We hope that through the shelter renovation project — and by giving the shelters good food to feed their dogs — we will create a more welcoming and healthy environment. We believe this will lead to more dogs finding their loving homes."

In addition to improving animal shelters, the “See what good food can do” campaign is encouraging pet owners to share the story of their dogs — something celebrities like Josh Duhamel and David Ortiz have already done with short films of their own. To get people to share their stories, Pedigree will donate a bowl of food to a shelter for those who share them with the hashtag #DogTales on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The company will donate up to 100,000 8-oz. bowls of food — about 50,000 lbs. overall.

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