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Meijer offers relief at the pump this summer


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. In an effort to help relieve some of the burdens of rising gas prices, Meijer announced that starting June 1 it will offer customers savings of 10 cents per gallon when they use their Meijer consumer credit cards at Meijer gas stations.­

The program, which will run through Labor Day at all 165 Meijer gas stations, includes all grades of gas, as well as diesel, E85 Ethanol and bio-diesel.  Meijer customers will receive the 10 cents per gallon discount when purchasing fuel with their Meijer consumer credit card.  The savings are immediately reflected on the gas pump total.  This new program replaces the 5 cent per gallon discount Meijer customers have previously received when using their Meijer consumer credit card.

"All of us have felt the effects of constantly rising prices at the gas pump.  As gas has taken a bigger bite out of household budgets, we wanted to introduce a program that helps ease the burden, especially during this time of year when vacations and other family trips are so common," said Brian Horsford, director of gas stations for Meijer.

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