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Lane Bryant wants women to love their bodies


Lane Bryant is launching a new marketing campaign aimed at women who love the skin they're in and are confident with the bodies they have.

Lane Bryant's new This Body campaign serves as a declaration and an invitation to let the world understand how this plus size woman feels about her body. The idealized smaller size body type, which is constantly referenced as the norm in the media, is simply not realistic for the vast majority of female consumers, Lane Bryant says.

"We want to shift conventional perception and we've only just begun with This Body," saidLinda Heasley, Lane Bryant CEO and president. "Lane Bryant will continue to be her platform for celebrating her as she is. She is beautiful, she is strong. The world is ready for more curves and we are leading the charge."

The provocative This Body campaign centers around a series of photographs shot by famed photographer Cass Bird. Starring top industry models Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, and Georgia Pratt, the campaign images embrace the angles and curves of today's modern woman and challenges the idea that sexy comes in one small form.

"We see the same stereotype of the plus size woman in the media: she is unhappy, projecting sort of a low self-esteem, not well dressed, and seemingly spends her nights at home dreaming of another life. This Body aims to celebrate who she really is. She craves the latest fashion trends. She's the buyer of coveted brands. She should be in the pages of today's fashion magazines and she's the next broadway star. She's competing in the boxing ring. She is the voice of women everywhere," said Brian Beitler, Lane Bryant CMO.

The campaign will roll out across Lane Bryant's stores and social media channels, as well as on billboards, television, and in magazines.

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