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Kmart adjusts BTS offerings to reflect changing trends


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — Kmart is responding to changing trends affecting the "back-to-school" experience with a number initiatives designed to meet the needs of its consumers.

According to Kmart, more public schools are requiring uniforms and others are now adopting a year-round school calendar. In response, Kmart has adjusted its approach to back-to-school by increasing the number of stores that sell uniforms and aligning its back-to-school sales periods by region to match that of the local school districts.

"As the back-to-school landscape changes, Kmart is making the necessary adjustments to provide customers the merchandise they need, when they need it," said Andy Stein, interim chief marketing officer Kmart. "By offering school uniforms in more markets such as Chicago and New York and online, and shifting the back-to-school sales periods in applicable markets such as California and Hawaii we can provide greater value to our customers."

Twenty-three percent of all public and private schools in the United States now have a uniform policy, with public schools making-up the majority at about 19%, according to Kmart.

As the number of schools requiring uniforms has increased, the number of Kmart stores selling uniforms has expanded. Today, the retailer sells school uniforms online and at more than 450 locations across the United States

Because uniform requirements differ from one school district to another, Kmart has varied its in-store and online offerings from French Toast and Dickies to reflect these differences.

In addition to school uniform requirements across the country, school districts in many states and cities have shifted to a year-round school calendar, most notably California has 1,322 year-round schools, Hawaii has 296 year-round schools and Arizona has 175 year-round schools.3 To deliver greater value, Kmart offers everyday low prices and services to accommodate the needs of parents that may have a different back-to-school spending schedule. For example, Kmart is the only mass retailer to offer layaway 365 days a year and Shop Your Way members receive special pricing and perks year-round.

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