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It’s the most social time of the year


The big relaunch of Target’s digital platform isn’t due until later this fall, but that didn’t deter the company from offering plenty of ways to interact electronically with the brand for back-to-school.

Online, customers can visit the retailer’s hub where they can create personalized shopping lists, find money-saving coupons and one-of-a-kind promotions for even more savings. The company created a new tool called Checklist that helps customers organize and personalize back-to-college list making, which can be printed at home or in a store. But who wants to do that when the tool allows for sharing via Facebook or sending to a mobile device.

And while they are on Facebook, college kids can visit more than 65 college Facebook pages or to participate in a “1,000 Likes” promotion. The event is available every Monday through Friday, Aug. 4-31, and customers can save between 40% and 50% on key items if they are among the first 1,000 guests to “Like” a deal. If so, they receive a mobile coupon for the item to be redeemed at Target.

The digital, list-making trend continues with a program called U Care Cards that allow for college kids to create a digital care package. Beginning in September, students can create their own care package wish list and make their wish list public on their Facebook page or through a personalized email. Friends and family can then make their favorite student’s day by sending a “U Care Card” that the student can use to put towards the purchase of items on their wish list, in stores or online.

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