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Glenfiddich creates virtual distillery experience


Dufftown, Scotland - Providing customers with their own unique experience with the brand is of the upmost importance to Scotch whisky provider Glenfiddich. The company is using interactive technology to let customers located in Thailand virtually tour the Glenfiddich Distillery located in Dufftown, Scotland.

“The Glenfiddich Experience” was recreated and housed in the 100-year old Neilson Hays Library in Bangkok, Thailand, Using interactive display technology from MultiTaction, Glenfiddich leveraged two 55-foot ultra-thin bezel MultiTaction Cells to create a display that turned into a bar. The displays run a new Glenfiddich Experience software application, developed by Make Studios, and leverage MultiTaction’s Enriched Reality technology to enable the detection of various types of whiskies that are placed on the touch table.

The application instantly provides users with whisky pairing, tasting and composition information, just by placing a glass on the interactive display turned bar. The table also supports multiple users at one time to encourage and enable social interaction among customers. Visitors can enjoy their beverages and discover new attributes of their cocktails while socializing with friends. Glenfiddich is also hoping to convert customers into brand advocates through the virtual experience.

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