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ECRM: Retail circular advertising trends, October 2014


ECRM compared retail circular advertising in October 2013 vs. October 2014 and noted trends occurring across top retail chains. CVS and Walgreens increased the number of circular pages seen in October 2014; up respectively by 18% and 11%. Walgreens added 13% more halloween candy promotions, where as CVS added 9% in October comparable. Walgreens used an attractive “Save on Treats” candy promotional page in each October circular, nicely consolidating candy promotions into concise seasonal sections. CVS used larger candy promotion sections on October 2014 circular fronts compared with those seen in October 2013.

Target used a “$2 off with purchase of any two 17.9 oz. or larger bagged candy” offer on a Oct. 26, 2014, circular front. A 160-count Hershey’s Super Jumbo Mixed Candy bag was promoted for 50¢ less on this 2014 circular front compared with previous year same week. Overall larger candy pack sizes were seen on the 2014 Target circular fronts. H-E-B used 25% more circular pages and averaged nearly 30 more ad blocks per circular in October comparable. H-E-B devoted many October 2014 circular full pages to harvest and halloween event products and entertainment promotions.

About ECRM’s Business Intelligence:

ECRM’s Ad Comparisons technology captures promotional data from the top U.S. and Canadian retailers in all major markets. Ad Comparisons captures over 40 metrics for each ad block and provides hundreds of analytic reports to put the advertising data in context. Ad Comparisons takes an individual approach to ensure all data and reports fit the needs of each user.

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