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ECRM: Retail circular advertising trends, March 2014


ECRM compared retail circular advertising in March 2013 versus March 2014 and noted trends occurring across top retail chains. H.E.B. and Publix topped the charts in circular page change, with increases of 27.8% and 41.2%, respectively. The massive increase at Publix was attributable to the release of an additional circular this March (five versus four in 2013), while H.E.B. simply ran more pages in each of its five March circulars (eight to 12 pages each this year, as opposed to six to eight last year). These two grocery retailers mirrored each other across the other two metrics as well, with minor decreases in ads per page and minor increases in ads per circular.

Walmart and Toys-R-Us fell on the opposite end of this spectrum, experiencing page count decreases of 25.6% and 60%, respectively. Counter-intuitively, however, Walmart actually released a larger number of circulars this year: 10 versus last year’s six. These circulars were much smaller and much more targeted, with clear themes and four of them having page counts of four or fewer. Toys-R-Us simply released fewer circulars this March: two instead of three.

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