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Duckwall-ALCO sees year-over-year improvement in January


ABILENE, Kan. Duckwall-ALCO Stores announced that January sales increased 12.9% to $30 million compared to $26.6 million in the prior-year month (adjusted for four weeks). Same-store sales increased 5.6% on an adjusted basis. Comparing sales from the five weeks of last year's fiscal January period from continuing operations versus the four weeks of this year's January period, sales decreased 13.3% and same-store sales decreased 18.9%.

Sales for the fourth quarter increased 2% to $138.5 million compared to the prior year adjusted $135.7 million and same-store sales decreased 3.3%, which is an improvement over the third quarter same-store sales decline of 6.6%. The prior-year fiscal quarter was a fourteen week period. Unadjusted sales for the quarter decreased 3.7% and same-store sales decreased 8.8%.

Larry Zigerelli, president and CEO, commented, "These strong results are encouraging and were expected, as our strengthened merchandising and operations programs started in fall 2008 take hold. We anticipate continued progress near term."

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