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Dairy Queen adds RFID-based mobile loyalty program


Minneapolis Dairy Queen is delivering mobile coupons, rewards and other targeted communications through an RFID-enabled chip that connects to visitors’ cellphones and PDAs.

Once shoppers enroll in Dairy Queen’s mobile loyalty program, they are issued a chip, called the Tetherball Tag, which enables them to receive offers via robust text messages. These promotions can be redeemed at the store’s point-of-sale system during checkout, or at an RFID-enabled kiosk located inside the store.

The program, which is from Indianapolis-based mobile marketing provider Tetherball, is currently only available in a few locations. The company plans to add it to more locations this year.

“The technology allows us to create more loyalty, and learn what kind of offers drive and increase activity within a specific store,” said Jamie Guse, Web-site manager for Dairy Queen. “We can also do more redemption tracking than we can with flat text messages.”

The first mobile-based promotional campaign dropped in March, and produced an average click-through rate of 22%, according to a company statement.

Dairy Queen continues to offer its e-mail-based loyalty program, the Blizzard Fan Club, which has 2 million members.

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